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Operation & Maintenance Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

How far can the Polarcraft condensing units be from their connected equipment?

Polarcraft is designed to accommodate up to 100 feet of refrigeration line runs between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil. Make sure your installer is familiar with refrigeration plumbing practices.

What does my installer need to know regarding the installation?

Your installer will need to make two refrigeration connections and one electrical connection to the Polarcraft condensing unit.  In addition, the condensing units can be mounted on a roof or at ground level.  Polarcraft condensing units are designed for outdoor use only.

What voltages are the Polarcraft systems available in?

Polarcraft systems are available in the following voltages: 208/230-1-6, 208/230-3-60, 460-3-60.

What refrigerants can be used with Polarcraft systems?

R-448A, R-449A and R-404A.

Are Polarcraft condensing units AWEF compliant?

Yes! You can see the current AWEF ratings via the Department of Energy’s website here.

Are Polarcraft condensing units environmentally friendly?

Yes! Polarcraft is designed to operate with low GWP, non-flammable refrigerants R-448A and R-449A. Additionally, the refrigerant piping is designed with limited connections, thus reducing the opportunity for refrigerant leaks.

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